The contract of taxi will be formed when client push the switch of meter in the road.Limousine is only advance reservation.
Base fare is set for taxi, then price displayed in meter is decided according to mileage and time.It is hourly charge for limousine.Charge of limousine arrangement copmany begins from 10000 yen averagely and xxxxx yen per hour.Not only time, but also moving distance over 20 km will be added.
For example, if get in a car even just 1 minute, it will spend 1 hour fee.
We receive reservation by telephone, FAX, mail etc. directly.
About cancellation charge is different according to different company. If you request to cancel it one day before it, you will be charged 50% for cancellation charge, before the day, you will be charged 100%.
There is business zone in taxi and limousine. Small business zone is determined even in 23 wards for taxi.There is rule of arrival and departure in metropolitan area. It is necessary to get in a car at the beginning and get off the car in the end in metropolitan area.